The Structure Team

Ravi Shah, CEO and Part-time Speaker Builder

Ravi is a product nerd who loves scaling businesses that sit at the intersection of hardware and software. After twelve years of bouncing around projects at Google doing everything from answering support phones for Google Earth customers, to driving e-commerce past $1B, to leading product for the largest Android refactor in the history of the OS, he joined Occipital in 2017 and spun the Structure team out in 2022. Over the past five years, he’s been focused on launching practical technology applications at the intersection of computer vision, mobile sensing, and machine learning to solve problems at scale for humanity . Ravi doesn’t have as many patents as Paulo, but he’s made and sold infinity percent more mobile devices.

Paulo Silveira, CTO and PADI-Certified Open Water Diver

Dr. Silveira does all the real work around here including building the Structure Sensor which, along with the Structure SDK, is responsible for more than 4 million patient scans per year, making Structure the leading developer of 3D sensing in healthcare today. Paulo received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from CU Boulder in 2001 and an ME in Engineering Management in 2009. From working on medical device development at Covidien (acquired by Medtronic) to leading teams at CDM Optics (Director of New Applications, acquired by OmniVision), Double-Helix Optics (VP of Engineering) and BSX Technologies (VP of R&D, acquired by Gideon Health), Paulo has an entrepreneurial streak longer than Sesame Street has been in syndication. While at OmniVision he helped develop their wafer-level cameras and performed the seminal work that led to the development of OmniVision’s Nyxel® technology. Paulo is the author of 50 peer-reviewed publications and 67 patents.