iphone with Structure Lite app

Thank you for your interest in Structure Lite!

Structure Lite integrates our advanced technology with the built-in sensors on your customers' iPhones or iPads. By incorporating the Structure SDK into your application, you can effortlessly access top-notch 3D scanning capabilities without requiring any additional hardware purchases.

The Structure SDK is available for free download from our developer portal. This allows developers to experiment and prototype their ideas with all the features of the SDK.

However, please note that commercial use of the Structure SDK requires a contract in place before any apps using the SDK can be distributed. This ensures that proper licensing and legal agreements are in place to protect both parties.

To obtain a Commercial License, please contact us at partners@structure.io to discuss your needs and obtain a quote. Our licensing options are designed to be simple and flexible, with transparent pricing that scales with your usage.

We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to use the Structure SDK to build amazing depth-sensing applications. That's why we offer a free Developer License for experimentation and a Commercial License for those who want to distribute their apps to end-users.

With the Structure SDK, you can quickly and easily build advanced depth-sensing applications that take advantage of cutting-edge technologies. For an example of the kind of amazing applications you can create with Structure Lite, check out our 3DFaceScan app, available for download on the Apple App Store.