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Structure SDK Features

Never developed with a 3D sensor before? Structure SDK includes high-level APIs that get you started quickly. Need precise 6-DoF positional tracking? Volumetric reconstruction? Real world occlusion? Our APIs have you covered. Prefer to develop at a low level? You'll have direct access to the same raw data and low-level controls on Structure Sensor that we do.

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3D Scanning & Texturing

Indoor Mapping

Positional Tracking

Augmented Reality


Occipital Bridge Engine

Bridge Engine offers groundbreaking mixed reality capabilities in a simple to deploy software engine. Compatible with both Structure Sensor and Structure Core, for an entire hardware and software stack of compelling mixed reality experiences.

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Effortlessly Create iOS Apps with 3D Sensing

The Structure SDK provides developers with a stable, easy-to-use, flexible and constantly-improving framework for creating iOS applications in Xcode which leverage advanced computer vision capabilities and techniques.

Just drop Structure.framework into your Xcode project, initialize the Structure Sensor in your code... and you're ready to develop with depth. It's really that easy.

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Apps created with Structure SDK can be launched on the App Store. The Structure SDK contains source code for sample apps with 3D scanning, indoor mapping and more to get you started.

Initializing Structure Sensor in five lines of code:

[[STSensorController sharedController] initializeSensorConnection];

[STSensorController sharedController].delegate = self;

[[STSensorController sharedController] startStreamingWithOptions:
  @{ kSTStreamConfigKey    : @(STStreamConfigDepth640x480),
     kSTFrameSyncConfigKey : @(STFrameSyncDepthAndRgb) } error:nil];

Integrate with Popular 3D Engines

Structure Sensor and Structure SDK can be easily combined with 3D rendering and video game engines like Unity and SceneKit using the plugins and sample code provided in Structure SDK.


Structure SDK comes complete with plugins for Unity. You can create augmented reality (AR) apps complete with real-world occlusion. You can also use the six-degree-of-freedom (6-DoF) Unbounded Positional Tracking to control your 3D player’s point of view in a game or other virtual world.


Structure SDK can also be used out of the box with sample code to integrate with SceneKit, a simple but powerful 3D engine provided with Xcode on iOS 8 and above.

Structure Sensor For Android, Windows, Linux, macOS and More

USB Hacker Cable

The USB Hacker Cable lets you plug Structure Sensor into any USB 2.0 device, and will charge your sensor battery more quickly than a power adapter.

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Create Your Own Attachments

Want to attach a Structure Sensor to something other than an iPad? No problem - just download the CAD and specifications and create your own custom bracket.

Download Starter CAD >

See Cases for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus >

OpenNI 2

Occipital maintains OpenNI 2 which allows developers to easily create middleware libraries and applications for 3D sensors with Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

Visit our OpenNI 2 page >

Structure Sensor & SDK for Embedded Systems​

Interested in deploying state-of-the-art RGBD SLAM and mapping for your embedded solution? Structure Sensor was designed with this in mind, including easy mounting on robots, fixed installations, VR headsets, and more. Features from Structure SDK can be ported to other platforms.

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Check out Structure Sensor tutorial and demo videos on YouTube.

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Find community answers, tips and inspiration from the Structure Sensor & Structure SDK forums.

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Explore your Structure Sensor’s capabilities and get the most out of your experience.

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