Structure Brand Guidelines

The Structure brand reflects an intense attention to detail, with careful thinking applied to every aspect of its design. The same dedicated effort was put into creating the name and logo for the Structure products as well. Correct use of these brand names and marks will help ensure that Structure Sensor users can easily find your apps.

These guidelines were last updated October 26th, 2022.

Brand Names

When referring to Structure brands, adhere to these guidelines to ensure proper usage. In the naming of apps, usage of the Structure brand name are reserved solely for XRPro, LLC. XRPro, LLC does not grant the use of Structure or brand names to third party apps.

Correct Brand Name Usage:

  • Structure Sensor (Mark II)
  • Structure Sensor Pro
  • Structure Core
  • Original Structure Sensor
  • Structure SDK
  • Structure Sensor

Incorrect Brand Name Usage:

  • Structure Mark II
  • The Structure Sensor
  • The Structure Core
  • Structure Scanner
  • Structure Pro

Example Brand Name Usage

Correct: This app was built for Structure Sensor.

Incorrect: This app was built for the

Correct: Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for iPad.

Incorrect: The Structure is the first 3D sensor for iPad.

Mark & Logotype

The Structure Sensor, Structure Core, and Structure Sensor (Mark II) logos includes logo type and a product mark. You can use the logotype alone, or the mark and logotype together. When used together, the product mark must be placed underneath the logo type. The marks should not be used without the logotype, or used separately as an icon. XRPro, LLC does not grant the use of Structure Sensor marks or logotype to third party app icons.


  • Use provided colors
  • Keep original proportions
  • Size above 70px tall (non-Retina)
  • Maintain spacing of mark and logotype
  • Use the mark along with logotype


  • Change colors
  • Alter proportions
  • Crop
  • Size below 70px tall (non-Retina)
  • Re-arrange elements
  • Alter spacing of mark and logotype
  • Use the mark without logotype

Logo Downloads

Structure Sensor

Structure Sensor logo

Structure Core

Structure Core logo

Structure SDK

Structure SDK logo

Powered by Structure

Structure SDK logo

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