Re-introducing Structure,
the world's leading healthcare
3D scanning platform.

Meet our first sensor built for healthcare.

Add world-class 3D sensing to any project.

What can I do with Structure?

eKare uses Structure Sensor Pro to provide clinics and hospitals advanced wound care solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Fit3D uses Structure Core to accurately measure body shape over time for superior tracking of key fitness factors.

Ruthless Research uses Structure Sensor Pro to deliver solutions to partners looking to do everything from creating high-quality orthotics to analyzing deer antlers.

TechMed3D uses Structure Sensor Pro to deliver high-quality 3D human body scans and measurements to healthcare professionals.

Lymphatech uses Structure Sensor Pro to provide 3D imaging for software solutions that achieve fast, accurate and reliable medical-grade human body measurements.

Auterion and Holybro use Structure Core to power a robust open source computer vision development platform for autonomous drones.

Feature Comparison

Operating Systems
Operating Systems


Windows / Linux (x64, ARM) / MacOS / Android


Structure SDK (for iOS)

Structure SDK (Cross-Platform)

Made for iPad/iPhone
Made for iPad/iPhone
USB Support
USB Support

USB 2.0

USB 3.0

USB Support

Lightning / USB-C


Visible Light Camera
Visible Light Camera Leverages high-resolution, on-device cameras Color or wide angle monochrome
Internal Battery
Internal Battery
Great for
Great for Healthcare professionals Roboticists, developers, hardware hackers, researchers, and R&D
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Develop with depth using Structure Sensor Pro or Structure Core

Our SDKs have you covered—whether you've developed 3D scanning apps in the past or are brand new to spatial computing. They include everything from low-level access to the raw depth stream to near complete code for a range of sample use cases.

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6-DoF Positional Tracking

Mapping & Obstacle Awareness

Multi Platform

3D Scanning

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