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Meet our first sensor built for healthcare.

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TrueDepth on iPhone

World-class 3D scanning in the palm of your hand.

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What can I do with Structure?

eKare uses Structure Sensor Pro to provide clinics and hospitals advanced wound care solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Smith Optics uses Structure Lite for iOS to create a precision scan that maps the unique terrain of your face to create goggles with an ultra-custom fit.

Ruthless Research uses Structure Sensor Pro to deliver solutions to partners looking to do everything from creating high-quality orthotics to analyzing deer antlers.

3DMediScan, Taika3D, TechMed3D and Spentys use Structure Sensor Pro to deliver high-quality 3D human body scans and measurements to healthcare professionals.

Lymphatech uses Structure Sensor Pro to provide 3D imaging for software solutions that achieve fast, accurate and reliable medical-grade human body measurements.

Auterion and Holybro use Structure Core to power a robust open source computer vision development platform for autonomous drones.

Feature Comparison

iPad partial render iPad partial render Truedepth Foot Scan

Operating Systems

Operating Systems

iOS / Windows / Linux (x64, ARM) / MacOS


Supported Sensors

Supported Sensors


Apple TrueDepth camera



Structure SDK (for iOS) and Structure SDK (Cross-Platform)

Structure SDK (for iOS)

Made for iPad/iPhone

Made for iPad/iPhone

Yes Yes



Lightning / USB-C

Uses your phone's or tablet's existing sensors

Great for

Great for

Healthcare professionals in a variety of settings including surgical navigation, pre-surgery visualization, creating custom orthotics and prosthetics and other settings demanding high-accuracy scanning and analysis

Scanning faces and feet at close range

Develop with depth using Structure SDK (for iOS) or Structure SDK (Cross-Platform)

Our SDKs have you covered—whether you've developed 3D scanning apps in the past or are brand new to spatial computing. They include everything from low-level access to the raw depth stream to near complete code for a range of sample use cases.

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