AR/VR Positional Tracking

Can your positional tracking do this?

At Occipital, we're not just anticipating the future; we're building it. We've been at the forefront of developing the next generation of technologies that will power mobile virtual and mixed reality headsets, with 6-DoF positional tracking, ultra-low-latency and low-jitter rendering pipelines, all while using today's mobile processors.

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Optimized for immersion, comfort and safety

Low Latency

When user comfort is at stake, every millisecond counts. Our positional tracking pipeline can return a full visually-tracked pose less than 10 ms after a frame is received.

Low Jitter

Motion tracking against dense geometry and color data minimize jitter to as low as 0.4 mm RMSE (when measured 1.5 m from a tracked scene).


A dense 3D map doesn’t just enable precise positional tracking; it can also be used to subtly reintroduce the real world to the user for collision avoidance.

Mobile Optimized

A highly efficient and optimized system enables 6-DoF positional tracking while using less than 50% of the compute available on a single ARM core (ARMv8 1.5 GHz).

Structure Apps and SDK Samples for AR/VR

S.T.A.R. OPS builds a 3D map of your real-world environment, and tracks your precise six-degree-of-freedom (6-DoF) movement within it.
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Instantly create an interactive game scene on top of the real world. Fetch demonstrates augmented reality using the Structure SDK and the Structure AR Unity Plugin.
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Use your real world movements to move, stack, and knock down blocks in a virtual world. Stacker is a sample in the Structure SDK Unity plugin.
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Ready to build the future first? Bridge includes all you need to create and experience the next generation of mobile augmented reality and virtual reality applications with large-scale 6-DoF positional tracking. Compatible with the new Bridge Engine for mixed reality as well as Unity for iOS. Available in limited quantities for qualified developers.

Experiment with Structure Sensor now.
Launch with Structure Core next.

Structure Core is Occipital's new embeddable depth module for the next generation of VR, AR and MR devices. A carefully designed set of premium optics and built-in IMU deliver best-in-class performance for large-scale SLAM. Interested partners can start prototyping with the Bridge Headset today. For more information on adding Structure Core to future devices, contact us now.

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Every step you take in your living room [is] recreated in the virtual world, whether you are crouching like a ninja or high-stepping it in pure unabashed fun.

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Bridge Headset

  • iPhone not included: The Bridge Headset includes everything you need to get started, except you’ll need to provide your own iPhone 6/6s (we recommend the 6s).
  • Bridge Engine early access: After your purchase, you’ll receive access to our invite-only Bridge Engine, which includes 6-DoF positional tracking for VR not yet in the public Structure SDK.