Structure Sensor adds another dimension to your K-12 classroom curriculum toolkit.

Meet Structure Sensor, the mobile 3D sensor used by teachers and students to capture environments and impact imagination; enabling learning through 3D scanning, 3D printing, science, math, VR and storytelling. The perfect tool for science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) & art classrooms.

Educators are using Structure Sensor across subjects and in learning labs.

  • Science & Math

    Use spatial visualization to demonstrate how concepts and principles are associated in three dimensions. Students can study, analyse, and measure 3D digital files of objects and interior spaces.

  • 3D Scan & Print

    Teach the art of creation. 3D scanning is easy with Structure Sensor. Send the .OBJ file to your 3D printer, or use as reference models and modify the file using existing easy-to-use 3D editing tools.

  • VR & Storytelling

    Everything has a story. Students can learn computer science and storytelling. Teach kids how to animate 3D scanned objects and script stories with today's 3D game engines.

Take advantage of Structure Sensor in your 3D printing lab

It's optimized and mobile for high resolution scans without being tethered to a PC by wires.

Experiential learning with Structure Sensor on field trips

You can't take it with you. But you can capture a digital version of class field trips and explore the most curious places from your classroom.

Make the most out of Structure Sensor with popular software to manipulate 3D files.

Structure Scanner & Room Capture sample apps export the widely understood .OBJ file format.

Structure Sensor


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