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Original Structure Sensor has been replaced by Structure Sensor Pro.

When Occipital launched the original Structure Sensor (ST01) in September 2013, we didn't know if it would be a success or not. We were building sophisticated hardware for the first time, and we put the whole team on it. This was a "bet the company" move, and we were excited to see it pay off in a successful Kickstarter campaign where we raised almost $1.3 million.

Since that launch, the original Structure Sensor has attracted a developer community that numbers in the thousands and which has created over 130 publicly-available apps. In turn, the Structure platform has radically changed how work gets done in industries ranging from architecture to medicine to visual effects.

As we say goodbye to original Structure Sensor, the platform it created is moving into the next generation. Structure Sensor Pro, Occipital's totally redesigned depth sensor for iOS, is available for purchase and integration into a whole new world of apps and experiences. We'll be updating our Featured Apps page as all of your favorites are upgraded to work with Structure Sensor Pro.

To everyone in the Structure Sensor community, all of you developers, customers, and creators: thank you. We still can't wait to see what you do with it.

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Discover advanced capabilities for original Structure Sensor like 3D scanning, indoor mapping and mixed reality experiences.

Uses for original Structure Sensor


Shop for iPad brackets, wide-vision lenses, cables and power adapters here.

Original Structure Sensor Accessories


Occipital is maintaining OpenNI 2, an open source SDK that allows developers to easily create middleware libraries and applications for 3D sensors and runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. OpenNI is only compatible with original Structure Sensor.

Learn more about OpenNI 2

Bridge Engine

Bridge Engine unlocks mixed reality and augmented reality capabilities for iPhone developers using the Bridge headset. Create new experiences using SceneKit or the Bridge Engine plugin for Unity. Note that Bridge Engine is only compatible with original Structure Sensor and is unsupported.

Learn more about Bridge Engine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why can’t I purchase the original Structure Sensor (ST01) anymore?
  • A: After 5 years of service the original Structure Sensor has been retired. Check out our latest sensor, Structure Sensor (Mark II).
  • Q: Can I still get accessories for the original Structure Sensor?
  • A: Yes! Check out our accessory page for compatible parts.
  • Q: Will you still repair/replace my original Structure Sensor (ST01) if it is covered under warranty?
  • A: Of course! Simply email us at
  • Q: Will all the apps that work with the original Structure Sensor work with Structure Sensor (Mark II)?
  • A: The following apps created by Occipital will be compatible with Structure Sensor (Mark II): Structure, Scanner, Room Capture, Canvas and Skanect. Some of these apps are currently in development for Mark II. For a more complete list, see the compatibility article on our Support Center.
  • Other third party apps will also support Structure Sensor (Mark II) such as 3DSizeME, Crisalix and ItSeez3D, which are currently under development. As for other third party apps, we highly recommend reaching out to the developer of your favorite app to find out when they will support Structure Sensor (Mark II).

Don't see your question? Visit the Support Center.

Compare Sensors

(Mark II)
Dimensions 109mm L x 18mm H x 24mm W 119mm L x 29mm H x 28mm W
Weight 65g 95g
Depth Processing
Depth Processing On-device using NU3000 ASIC On-device using PS1080 ASIC
Built-in Tracking Camera
Built-in Tracking Camera 160° ultra-wide-vision monochrome*
IMU 6-Axis (Gyro & Accelerometer)*
Camera Shutter
Camera Shutter Global Shutter Rolling Shutter
Depth Resolution
Depth Resolution 1280 x 960 * 640 x 480
Recommended Range
Recommended Range 0.3m to 5m + 0.4m to 3.5m +
FOV 59 x 46 58 x 45
Use Environment
Use Environment Indoor & Outdoor Indoor Only
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* This feature will be available in a future update.