Getting Started with your Structure Sensor (Mark II)

Hardware Setup

You will receive a Structure Sensor (Mark II) that is compatible with the original Structure Sensor type bracket. However, you need to use the new screws in the Mark II box, not the ones from the bracket box or the older sensor.

Attaching your Structure Sensor (Mark II)

  • Structure Sensor (Mark II) uses new, shorter screws to attach to iPad Brackets.
  • Do not use the longer screws which came in the iPad bracket box, or else you may damage your sensor
  • In addition, please do not over-tighten the screws

Additional Structure Sensor (Mark II) Accessories

  • A Bracket Adapter comes pre-attached to your sensor. Please keep it attached.
  • Thanks to this adapter, all iPad brackets for the original Structure Sensor will be compatible with your Structure Sensor (Mark II).
  • Remember to use the USB cable in your Mark II box to charge your sensor before use. Any standard USB port will work.

Quick Start Guide

If you don’t have it already, grab the Quick Start Guide, which covers physically attaching your Structure Sensor (Mark II):

Download PDF - 425KB

Developer Portal

Next, you’ll want to sign up for the Developer Program to access the latest SDK.

Become a Developer

Structure SDK is now available on iOS for original Structure Sensor and Structure Sensor (Mark II). If you have already signed up for the Developer Portal and you need to retrieve your invitation, you can do so here.