Structure Core

The perfect sensor for AR/VR SLAM, robot vision, and other embedded applications where great depth performance matters.

Depth, refined.

With Structure Core, we've rethought depth from the inside-out. The result is a pocket-sized all-in-one computer vision powerhouse, with onboard wide vision camera, stereo infrared, an onboard DSP, and even a color module.

Designed with precision

Now equipped with 3 cameras, onboard IMU and NU3000 processor, Structure Core is our most advanced depth sensor ever.

Wide Vision Camera

Featuring a 160° field-of-view and premium optics.

Stereo Infrared

Twice the infrared cameras compared to Structure Sensor.

Onboard IMU

Structure Core goes deeper than just depth- it tracks motion too.

Premium Materials

Optional aluminum housing.

Powerful Depth ASIC

The onboard NU3000 computes depth, and has a programmable DSP with room to expand.

Precise depth

We’ve improved our depth sensing in just about every way: More frames-per-second at higher resolutions, improved precision and accuracy, and global shutter to handle fast-moving objects and scenes.


FOV (diagonal)


Depth Resolution



0.3-5+ meters

Effective range

Shallow depth, 40 cm Range

Indoor depth; 2m - 5m

Outdoor depth-Skinny spokes

Outdoor 1.7m

Now with a visible camera

An ultra-wide, monochrome, 160 degree visible spectrum camera accompanies Structure Core. Precisely timestamp-synced with the depth stream, this camera allows SLAM tracking or scene texturing at up to 100 FPS.

Ultra-wide 160° for tracking

Or 85° full-color for RGBD

Global shutter

Depth and visible frames are global shutter. This means the entire frame is captured at the same time which enables better capture of fast-moving objects and scenes.

Depth from Structure Core @ 0.9ms exposure

Fan at 1000 rpm

Specs & Data

We built the Structure Core for groundbreaking applications of computer vision. We carefully designed components that we thought would provide the performance needed. Check out the specs for Structure Core, and example data captures to see if Structure Core is the right fit for your application.

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We built great spatial computing software so you won't have to.

Great hardware is nothing without exceptional software. Structure Core is paired with Structure SDK to enable products and projects with a world-class software foundation for stunning performance.

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Structure SDK

Structure SDK includes low-level access to data streams from each sensor on Structure Core (including the 6-axis IMU), and can be used with Occipital's Perception Engine to enable ultra-low-latency positional tracking that matches the accuracy of popular base station systems.

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Platform Support

Structure SDK for Structure Core is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

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Designed for simple integration from the inside out

Structure Core is available in two forms: an embeddable module for integration directly into products, or a ready-to-attach encased sensor protected by an anodized aluminum shell and a scratch-resistant glass face. Use the handy mounting guide and device CAD to create your own custom attachments and integrations.

Download CAD (Includes mounting guidelines)

Featured Structure Core integrations

Misty Robotics uses Structure Core and Perception Engine to give their hackable robot the ability to effortlessly navigate homes full of obstacles.

Kura uses Structure Core and Perception Engine to bring low-latency 6-DoF tracking to cutting-edge mixed reality experiences.

AutoModality uses Structure Core to evaluate massive bridges while avoiding tiny obstacles like fishing lines.

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The perfect sensor for AR/VR SLAM, robot vision, and other embedded applications where great depth performance matters.

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