Boulder, CO - Occipital, the global leader in mobile 3D scanning, and TechMed 3D, global specialists in human body 3D acquisition and measurement, announced today that the two companies have partnered to integrate support for Occipital’s all-new Structure Sensor Pro into TechMed3D’s software solutions to meet the most demanding scan-to-fabrication needs across the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals can connect a Structure Sensor Pro to an Apple iPad or iPhone, select a body part, and capture precise 3D models of patients in less than a minute.

“Occipital has become the de facto standard for our industry. The Structure Sensor Pro brings a new level of speed, accuracy and reliability for portable 3D scanning in healthcare - without the need for a tethered computer. It’s ideal for a variety of applications including orthotics, prosthetics, compression garments, spinal braces and custom footwear. The resulting 3D models can be easily modified for prescriptions and sent to manufacturing with CAD/CAM or 3D printing systems.” states Michel Babin, President Techmed 3D.

“We're excited by our strategic partnership with TechMed 3D. For five years, TechMed 3D has relied on our sensors to advance healthcare practitioners' patient experience while expanding our understanding of the medical space. We're thrilled that TechMed 3D has already integrated our Structure Sensor Pro into its best-in-class scanning, ordering, and secure data platform for fast and efficient patient workflows.” states Kevin Stephens, CEO Occipital.

The Occipital Structure Sensor Pro is built from the ground up for healthcare with an all-new, industrial-grade manufacturing and calibration process, more accuracy than ever, and the reliability and consistency your practice needs.

TechMed 3D’s suite of apps fully integrate Occipital’s Structure technology for a seamless scanning, viewing and documentation experience. Their 3DsizeMe app is easy for any healthcare professional to use and can export models in a variety of industry-standard formats including stl, obj, ply and aop and is compatible with major central fabricators around the globe. For existing Occipital Structure Sensor owners, TechMed 3D apps will provide continued support for the original Structure Sensor and Structure Sensor (Mark II) models.

The Structure Sensor Pro is available now for $995 with iPad bracket and cable at TechMed 3DSizeMe can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

About TechMed 3D
TechMed 3D offers human body measuring software for the O&P industry. TechMed 3D is committed to providing the most accurate, affordable, accessible and easy to use 3D data acquisition solution.

About Occipital
Occipital Inc. helps mobile devices see and understand the world. Occipital specializes in 3D scanning for healthcare with its Structure Sensor Pro and Structure SDK.